Video scheduler update

This is the screenshot of schedule page:
When you click on add video button a modal will open like below screenshot:
If any video already scheduled then check circle icon will be shown otherwise you will get checkbox field. After checking the checkbox/checkboxes clicking on the Add Schedule button, the video/videos will be inserted into the Scheduled table in our database and it will appear on the Schedule page. In the schedule videos section, a red cross button exists. If you click that icon video will be removed from the schedule table & it will be available on add schedule modal view to add again schedule section. In the schedule page there also a button which is edit playlist button if you clicked that button then in the starting video and end video columns, the input field will come in where the date and time can be entered and you can also drag entire row to set the video sequence and after click on the save playlist video will be scheduled. The entire process is performing by AJAX call.

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